Corporate Social Responsibility

Electrosteel Castings Ltd, India. has always believed in paving the path for a better future by being a responsible corporate citizen that focuses on the well being of the society at large.

The Company is committed to the best industry standards to ensure complete health & safety for its people at the workplace, conserve environment and employ effective community development initiatives.

At the core of its Policy for Corporate Social Responsibility, the Company undertakes a range of activities to improve living conditions in its operational areas. It also conducts regular training programmes to create awareness regarding health, hygiene and safety among the people. Sustainability initiatives encompass education, healthcare, sports, cultural events and vocational training among others.



  • Continuous improvement in healthcare facilities for local inhabitants by setting up and conducting charitable dispensaries and providing financial assistance for treatment.
  • Organising free medical checkup and blood donation clinics in the operational areas.
  • Establishment of drinking water kiosks in the local area.
  • Electrosteel continues to operate charitable medical institution involving local people and has set up Homeopathy clinics as well.


  • Continuous development, repair, renovation and extension of classrooms at local school and educational institutes.
  • Encouraging talent by rewarding good and bright students.
  • Organising safety awareness days to develop safety awareness amongst the local population, including local school children.


  • Organising sports and cultural activities involving local schools and clubs at the District level with the objective of promoting sports talent in the areas of its operation.
  • Providing financial assistance to local organisations to pursue their sports activities.

People Empowerment

  • Providing opportunities to the local unemployed youth to develop their entrepreneurship potential by allowing local supply through small contracts.


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