We aim to be world-class, committed to customer satisfaction and to encourage the spirit of leadership amongst our dedicated team by creating a healthy environment for continuous growth, profit and prosperity.


Our Guiding Principles, that help us to grow, thrive, prosper and realize our vision.....

Transparency and shareholder value

The Company recognizes its obligation to generate a superior return for its shareowners through a prudent strategy, reasonable pay-outs of dividend and a fair degree of corporate transparency that does not threaten its competitive position in the marketplace.

Community development

'We do not live for bread alone'..... the company is committed to contributing meaningfully to the community and society in which it operates.

Respect for people

People represent our intellectual capital. Respect for the individual is of paramount importance. We treat our people like members, not employees. We provide an exciting working environment. We recognize that learning is an important part of the growing process.


Electrosteel's focus is to emerge as a great Company, with leaders not only at the top, but at every level.


Electrosteel's world does not end with the perimeter of its office and factory. It extends beyond with a commitment to conducting its various manufacturing processes with adequate respect for a safe and pollution-free environment.


The Company's Ductile Pipe was the first of its kind in India. The commissioning and success continues to be the result not of individual brilliance but of a collective initiative. 

Customer focus

The Company is nothing without its Customers. We are a highly customer-focused Company and this reflects in the products that we manufacture and in the value that we deliver to them.

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