Coating & Linings

All Electrosteel pipework is coated and lined with fully approved materials to meet all major and relevant standards for water and sewerage. Our coatings and linings ensure the longevity of pipework installed both underground and above-ground.

Internal Protection for Pipes and Fittings

Our ductile iron pipes are internally lined with cement mortar linings, these linings create a high pH environment at the pipe wall which protects the pipe from corrosion and tuberculation.

  • Blast Furnace Slag Cement
  • High Alumina Cement (Wastewater applications)


Potable Water Applications:

For the transportation and supply of potable drinking water Electrosteel line the pipes with a Blast Furnace Slag Cement (BFSC) used in accordance with BS EN 197-1. This option is seen as a 'greener' solution than the use of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

The use of Electrosteel pipes lined with Blast Furnace Slag cement are approved for use with drinking water by the Secretary of State through the DWI.

In certain conditions the use of an additional 'seal' coat applied to the lining may be required.In areas with very soft water, or high residence, a further epoxy ‘seal’ coat is applied.

These coatings are in accordance with EN 545:2010 and are also approved by the Secretary of State through the DWI.

Wastewater & Sewer Applications:

For wastewater and sewer applications where the line may convey aggressive effluents Electrosteel ductile iron pipes are internally lined with a High Alumina Cement (HAC) to allow for operating conditions ranging from pH 4 to pH 12.

The High Alumina Cement (HAC) lining is in compliance with EN 598.


Portland Cement

Blast Furnace

High Alumina 

Min value of pH
Max content (mg/L) of CO2
Sulphates (SO4)
Magnesium (Mg++)
Ammonium (NH4+)
no limit
no limit
no limit
no limit



External Protection for Pipes & Fittings

Electrosteel provide a range of external protection systems for the pipes and fittings within the range. 

Pipe Protection

All pipes regardless of diameter are offered with;

Zinc Aluminium coatings having a minimum mass of 400 g/m2

The above is subsequently coated with a top coat of either blue/red epoxy or where still required with a bitumen coat.

In more aggressive soil conditions a range of additional protection systems are available including the application of bitumen impregnated tape wrappings and our recent addition of external PU coatings


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