Anchored Restrained Joints

Ductile Iron pipelines are traditionally associated with the push fit socket & spigot joint. Within the pipeline there will generally be locations where the design results in unbalanced hydrostatic or hydrodynamic forces (thrust) that if left unanchored would result in socket spigot separation. In basic terms the pipeline is subject to such forces where there are changes in direction, bends, tees, reducers, blank ends etc at these points a choice of external methods of anchorage ie concrete thrust blocks or one of the Self Anchoring Joint Systems may be used to resist the joint separation.

Pipe & Soil Interaction

In buried pipelines the restraint is acheived by transferring the thrust forces generated to the surrounding soil structure. The objective being to dissipate the forces such that joint separation does not occur in unrestrained systems.

Thrust Blocks

Generally where ground conditions, access and space allow the most common form of restraint is provided by the use of concrete thrust blocks. The thrust block being designed such that the thrust force is transferred to the soil by the much larger bearing area of the thrust block.

Self Restrained Pipe Systems

In areas where the ground conditions are poor, waterlogged, marshy, in inaccesible locations or areas with space limitations the use of external thrust blocks may not be practical and in these instances we are able to offer a range of self Anchoring Joint systems for consideration.

  • Anchor Gaskets 'Vi' type
  • Restrained Flexible Weld Bead Joint (RFWB))  'Ve' type
  • Electrolock

All systems are based upon the standard socket & spigot 'Push fit' system thereby retaining the element of flexibility so beneficial in the use of this joint system.

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