Restrained Flexible Weld Bead Joint  (RFWB) 'Ve' Type


Suitable for unstable ground conditions like marshy ground, subsidence areas, seismic zones, Hilly terrains, limited accessibility areas (insert sectional diagram of joint and let text go around it)

Available in sizes ranging DN 80 to DN 1000 mm, the RFWB joint adopted by Electrosteel for restraining involves a weld bead at the spigot end, glands, locking ring and bolts & nuts. The nature of the joint is such that it retains the flexibility associated with the normal push fit joint system. The gland and locking ring, connected to the socket collar by bolts & nuts, create the restraining force against the weld bead of the spigot.


weld bead joint  weld bead joint


  • flexible yet self anchored system
  • suitable for higher pressure mains
  • ideal in areas where access is limited
  • full range of fittings to suit
  • weld bead if required can be applied on site


In instances where the use of restrained joints is being considered please contact the Electrosteel UK technical team for further information and guidance on the use and installation of the system.

Restrained Joint

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