Anchored Joint System Guidelines

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Guidance on the use of the Thrust Restraint Calculator 

The thrust restraint calculator is used to determine the amount of restraints dependant upon several factors and modifers, that need to be inputted manually to allow a calulation to take place.

Several spreadsheets are contained within in relation to specific changes in direction, these being a dead end, tees, reducers, bends in both horizontal/vertical up & vertical down configurations.

Dependant on the change of direction to be calculated, the sheet will need to be manually inputted with the following criteria (red text in the calculation sheets):

DN size
Test Pressure

Crown Depth
Angle of bend (where appropriate)
Length of pipe run before first joint (for tees)

for the following, reference should be made from the enclosed Table 3 & 4 detailed soil parameters and entered accordingly within the calculation spreadsheet:

Internal frictional angle of soil 
Ratio of pipe frictional angle to soil frictional angle
Soil cohesion 
Ratio of pipe cohesion to soil cohesion 
Trench condition modifer 
Backfill soil density

Backfill density should be taken from the enclosed soil density table and entered accordingly.

Once these parameters have been inputted, the resultant figure, will give the required length of restraint to be employed to prevent axial withdrawal of the joints under load.

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